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I Was A Prisoner In My Own Home

Maybalene Carter

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Life couldn't get much worse for Brenda.....

or could it?

My Father-in-Law Helped Me Conceive My Children

Maybalene Carter

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A man desperate for an

heir will do anything

when he finds out that

his son is sterile.

I Found Out My Lover Is Really My Stepson

Clarice Irwin

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After her abusive husband

dies, Brenda meets a

wonderful man who changes

the way she thinks about

relationships. Just when

she thinks her life is

perfect, Jack drops a

bombshell and Brenda

wonders is she'll ever

have peace in her life.

Trick or Treat Temptation 

Leta Nolan Childers

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Would it be the treat of her life or the trick that would destroy it?

DiskUs Confessions

My Heart Belongs To A Murderer

Maybalene Carter

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Marie wanted to hate

Tony when she learned

that he was a murderer

but she couldn't help herself.  

How could she love

someone who had taken

someone else's life?

She couldn't understand her heart.

Broke and Begging--For Attention 

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Leta Nolan Childers

She loved her husband with all her heart,

but her head told her that he was

leading her to self-destruction


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