A Whisper at Midnight   

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Angel Walker is a woman forced to take on the identity of Jade Sinclair, a notorious stagecoach robber, and ride in a gang to take back the gold stolen from her mines. Long ago, she gave up any hope of a normal life.

Reid Spencer is a bitter ex-doctor who lost everyting in a devastating circle of events. Love is the last thing he wants when revenge is the only thing on his mind.

When they are trapped together on a snowy mountain, neither can deny the longing in their hearts, but a horrible secret stands between them, threatening to shatter their love and ruin their lives forever . . .

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Jade Sinclair is a notorious highwayman, who deserves only contempt. Especially from Dr Reid Spencer, whom she shot in the leg a year ago. Considering himself a cripple, and "only half a man", Dr Spencer is consumed by self-pity and had given up his medical career to retreat to a cabin in the mountains.

But Reid's solitude was not to last. Left unconscious and bleeding on his porch, Jade Sinclair needed urgent medical attention. Knowing only that he was a doctor, Jade's brothers had left her there, hoping she could be healed without the townsfolk's knowledge.

Without her disguise, Angel Walker looks nothing like her alter-ego Jade Sinclair. Not realizing her true identity, Reid Spencer stitches her up and nurses her back to health. For two weeks they would be stuck in his cabin until the snow thawed sufficiently for a trip down the mountain to the town of Helena.

During the two weeks love blossomed, and succumbing to their passions Angel and Reid make love. Giving him her heart, Angel is hurt and disillusioned when Reid confesses that marriage is not an option. After his wife's betrayal Reid has vowed never to wed again and that is one vow he is not keen to break.

Can this fiery couple overcome the obstacles in their relationship? Angel's illegal activities, Reid's insecurity and a vengeful gang of desperadoes make this story riveting all the way to the finale.~Sandy Cummins, Book Reviews (http://www.ozemail.com.au/~pjcsjc/book-review.htm)

"A sexy, rip-roaring yarn, with a plot full of twists and turns, romance and suspense. Pull up a chair and sit a spell with Reid and Angel. You'll be glad you did."

--Patricia Cabot, author of An Improper Proposal, St. Martin's Press.

"Well-rounded, strongly motivated characters and an innovative, superbly executed plot keeps readers of this sensual, Western romance turning pages. Pacing is brisk, the style clean, the dialogue crips. A Whisper At Midnight provides maximum reader satisfaction and is a pleasure to read."

Kathleen Langan, Painted Rock Reviews

A Whisper at Midnight has it all. A sexy woman outlaw and a rugged and handsome doctor, snowed in at a cabin in the mountains. Both learn a few things about themselves and a few things about love as they overcome secrets of the past to be able to love each other without reserve. Jennifer Hoffman has created a historical masterpiece that will warm your heart.

Romance Reviews By Chris ~~ Reviewed by Chris Bellar

Charming...A Whisper At Midnight, by Jennifer Lynn Hoffman is a touching tale of two people struggling to overcome their doubts and fears in one another. Angel Walker, the notorious stage coach robber and Read Spencer, a man shot and permanently injured by Angel, find themselves snowed in a cabin and have to take care of each other. A whisper at midnight never sounds so enduring as when Reid and Angel both overcome their mistrusts and commit themselves to a love they can't deny. Kim's Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona http://kimgaona.com


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