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Rita Mahoney was an ace reporter with the Daily Herald, trying to land her dream-job - a position at the sports desk. Her first assignment? Interview Tony D'Tillo, a hulking, mysogynistic boxer who hated her on first sight. Yet, there was something more to this hulking woman-hater than met the eye... Something deeper, which would touch Rita's soul and change her life forever.

A swiftly-paced Contemporary Romance, 'Third Time's theCharm' tells the story of a man torn by two worlds and haunted by his past, and the woman who steps into his life and heals his tortured soul.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and highly entertaining book. I especially enjoyed the way Rita learned that appearances are not always what they seem and that Tony learned all women are not alike. I look forward to reading more of J. Farris' work. ~~ Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews, Member, Reviewers International Organization (RIO)


***** Outstanding! The author did a bang-up good job on this story! And the ending ROCKS! *****  HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)


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