Old Time Ornaments

Cornhusk Angel

Materials needed:

Corn husks (available in craft stores.)

A length of twine.

1. Soak husks in warm water until pliable.

2. Fold husks in half and form head with about 12 inches of twine, tie around neck securely.

3. Take two other husks and fold in half for wings. Tie to neck so that knot is behind neck.

4. Tie twine in front in a looping bow.

5. Allow to dry. Then hang on tree.

Handkerchief Angel

Materials needed:

One linen handkerchief

Scraps of red ribbon

1. Smooth out handkerchief. Hold up an index finger and lay handkerchief evenly over it. Grab the top and twist. This forms the head. Tie in place with ribbon.

2. Bring two back corners up to back of neck. Arrange wings and tie in place in back.

3. Tie a scrap of ribbon loosely around the top to create a halo.

Popcorn String with Dried Cranberries

Materials needed:

Big bowl of popcorn

Bag of dried cranberries (fresh is better.)

Butter or bees wax

Needle and thread

1. Pop popcorn and allow to cool completely.

2. Thread needle with a good length of thread and then run through either the butter or the bees wax (preferred--this strengthens the thread and makes it easier to string popcorn without it breaking.)

3. Alternate a few pieces of popcorn with a cranberry.

Make several small strings and tie together before placing on the tree.

Cloved Orange

Materials Needed:

1 orange

Many cloves.

Simply press the cloves into the orange rind as closely as possible. Hang on tree for aromatic ornament.

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