John Bailey

John Bailey has been a radio personality for over twenty-five years, currently as part of the morning show on WWJ Newsradio 950 in Detroit. He also provides voiceovers for radio and TV commercials. He lives in the Detroit area with his wife, Kelly, and three cats.

Boyne Falls Baroque

John Bailey

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After hitting the dotcom lottery, 
reformed computer hacker Brian 
Mercer retires to a life of 
ease on Lake Charlevoix, only 
to watch his portfolio tank 
when the tech bubble bursts.   
Resigning himself to rejoining 
the workforce, Brian finds 
that his skills as a computer
 programmer are no longer in 
demand.  He works a series of
 unrewarding jobs until he 
falls in love with Miiko, 
a young Japanese musician who 
feels an odd sexual attraction 
to her cello.  Mikko introduces 
Brian to Grampa Sam, a former 
Yakuza boss who claims to have 
come across a method of divining 
stock prices using the Chinese 
I Ching.  Under the guidance of 
Grampa Sam, Brian begins to repair 
his tattered stock portfolio -- 
until the FBI takes notice of his 
unusual trading activity.  
Convinced that he is engaging 
in fraudulent stock trading, 
the FBI arrests him and Brian is 
forced to return to his hacker 
ways to track down the true culprit.






Boyne Falls Baroque

John Baily

DiskUs Publishing

ISBN: 1-58495-473-6


Reviewed by Tami Brady

Brian Mercer’s life is a roller coaster ride. He got lucky when he landed a computer programmer job right out of college. His good luck and fortune increased dramatically when his stocks in the company made him a millionaire. With the fall of the NASDAQ, however, Brian lost everything and was back looking for work, any work. The endless search through dead end jobs leads Brian to a Thai restaurant owned by a Japanese family and Grandpa Sam who uses I Ching to predict the stock market.

Boyne Falls Baroque is one of those stories that is really hard to pin down to a single genre. This story contains sarcastic humour, ironic situations, and illustrates commentary-like comments on our world. However, this story also contains a somewhat racy love affair as well as a few aspects of mystery and intrigue. Combined, these aspects create a witty, entertaining, engaging story complete with realistic characters, some of whom the reader will probably recognise from their own life experiences.


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