Jane Toombs

Jane Toombs, the Viking from her past and their grandcat Kinko live on the south shore of Lake Superior in the wilderness of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. Award-winning and published in foreign countries as well as the USA, Jane has eighty plus books to her credit as well as over twenty novellas and short stories. She writes in all genres except men's action and erotica, but her favorite genre to read and write is paranormal romance.

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Up The Airy Mountain

Jane Toombs

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A mystical tale of

the bond and love

between two people

from different worlds.


Jane Toombs

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A haunting tale that will make

your skin crawl of totally

different religions and a

boy torn between the two

of them.

Things aren't always

as they appear to be.

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In the old lighthouse she
frequents, Annabelle
encounters the love of her
life during a storm. But is it
possible he's not really
human. . .?

Heart of Silver

Jane Toombs

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When Silversmith Ellin

leaves California to deisgn

a medallion for a

prestigious New York

firm, she's dazzled by

the man who was sent

west to present her with

the firms'a award.

The mutual attraction heats

up until she's sure he's

the only man for her.

But is she wrong?

Return To Deville's Crossing

Jane Toombs

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Ruth Deville returns to

her home town to get

closure on the bizarre

events that had made

her leave Deville's Crossing

30 years ago.

Had it all been just a

bad dream or had the

bizarre events of that

dark night been true.

She had to find out to

keep her sanity, but she

was afraid of the truth.

Could there really be such

 a thing as shape shifters?

My Brother, My Brother

Jane Toombs

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Can Hunter survive a brutal

attack by relying on what

he learned as an Indian youth?

Monte Carlo Masqueraqde

Jane Toombs

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In Monaco American tourist

Karen Jameson meets wealthy

race-car driver Gregory Sorrell

when she runs into him with

her bike. She can't believe it

when he shows interest in her,

certain he only intends a fling.

But she also finds it

hard to resist him...

Midnight's Door

Jane Toombs

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The battle between

Shifters and Stalkers

has been going on

for Ages, but as

Nick, a Stalker is

hunting Shifters, he

finds Dara, a mere

innocent that carries S

talker blood within her.

Can he save her or

will he also have to

kill her the same way

he has been driven

to kill shifters for years?

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