Janet Lane Walters

.Janet lane Walters was born in Wilkensburg, Pa July 17, 1936 reported to be the hottest day of the summer. She has been a published author since 1968 beginning with short stories and moving into novels when an editor told her a short story sounded like a synopsis for a novel. In the 1970s and 1980s she published 4 sweet nurse romance novels. Then she returned to school to earn a BS in Nursing and a BA in English. Returning to work as a nurse to help put four children through college she put her writing career on hold. In 1993 she retired from nursing and began writing again. A new nurse romance followed in print. Then she discovered electronic publishing and since 1998 has been electronically published.

Janet calls herself an eclectic writer since she moved from genre to genre. At present she has 37 novels published, 5 novellas, 4 Anthologies and 4 non-fiction books. There are mysteries featuring Katherine Miller a former nurse who seems to stumble over bodies wherever she goes. Using her interest in Astrology, she has several series that use Astrology as a premise for the stories. Once she earned enough money to travel to Ireland by casting charts for people. She has many books in the romance genre, some of them are contemporary and are nurse romance, others fall into the fantasy or paranormal forms of romance. Interested in reincarnation, she has used this as a jumping point for at least two novels. Two of her novels deal with alternate worlds using a love affair with Ancient Egypt.

Under her other name J.L. Walters she has written a YA fantasy series called Affinities. She has also written a non-fiction book when her co-author Jane Toombs that won the EPIC Award in 2003 for best Non-fiction. There are other non-fiction books she has ghostwritten for doctors. During her career she has received other awards and has a number of great reviews.

Besides her four adult children, she has seven grandchildren. Five of them are the models for the YA series. The other two arrived too late to play a large role in the series. Four of her granchhildren are bi-racial and 3 are chinese so the eclectic even invades her family. She has been married to the same man for more than 50 years. He's a psychiatrist who refuses to cure her obsession for writing.

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Murder & Mint Tea

Janet Lane Walters

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Katherine Miller has retired 
from two careers, one 
as a nurse and the other
	as a church organist. 
Though the has no desire 
for a third career, she may
be forced to take become a 
detective. Her latest 
tenant has brought trouble
to the neighborhood. When 
Rachel's body is found in 
Katherine's garden she
recognizes the murder weapon 
and knows any of her near 
and dear could be the killer. 
She refuses to accept that 
a friend or relative could 
be a killer and seeks to 
find the culprit.

Requiem Murder

Janet Lane Walters

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The current organist at St. Stephen's has left and Katherine has been asked to chair the search committee for a new organist. The moment she hears Roger Brandon's artistry she knows he is the one for his mastery of the instrument is enough to tempt an angel. Roger accepts the position and along with his musicality, he brings trouble. Handsome and charismatic, the women of the congregation fall in love with him. One of them is a troubled woman, another her teenage daughter and the third Katherine's friend. Katherine begins to suspect Roger's dark secret. Will she be in time to avert a tragedy?

Midas Murders

Janet Lane Walters

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Feeling guilty about her 
role in the recent murder 
at St Stephen's, Katherine 
accepts her friend Lars' 
invitation to spend 
New Year's Eve and a few 
weeks with him in Santa Fe. 
She rents a car in Albuquerque 
and drives to his house.  
He isn't there and his 
partly eaten breakfast is 
on the table. 

Neither his son or daughter 
know where he is. 
That night she receives a 
call and goes to the hospital 
to pick him up. He has no 
idea what happened. Neither 
does she but she is worried. 
His daughter dislikes Katherine 
and goes out of her way to 
make her father's guest 
feel less than welcome.
When Lars and Katherine travel 
to a nearby ski resort they 
receive a call that Lars' daughter 
has been kidnapped. What is going on? 
As the mysteries swirl about 
them Katherine worries about 
her friend's safety and the 
murder of his daughter and one 
of his employees deepens her concerns. 
Can she learn what is happening 
before Lars becomes a victim?

Hudson House Murders

Janet Lane Walters

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The Hudson House Murders -- Katherine Miller's newest tenant is the estranged granddaughter of Katherine's good friend. She vows to bring the pair together. When her friend falls and fractures her hip, she is taken to an exclusive nursing home called Hudson House. Katherine visits her there and her friend is concerned about several deaths of patients at the facility. Katherine's friend seems to be recovering very well. Her sudden death sets off Katherine's fears. She decides to go undercover at the nursing home. Her license is still valid and she takes a position at the hospital. Soon Katherine is involved in deep water. Can she learn who is behind this scheme to end the lives of elderly wealthy patients before she becomes a victim?'

The Micro-Manager Murder

Janet Lane Walters

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The wedding plans are giving Katherine fits and she takes a short trip to visit her friend, who has a shop called Herbal Haven. There she meets Joyce's partner Brenda. Brenda is a micro-manager to the extreme and Kathrine suggests her friend buy the woman out. Joyce thinks this is a good idea but finding a loan seems impossible. Lars, Katherine's soon to be husband steps in. He often loans struggling businesses a hand. The day of the wedding arrives and Katherine wonders where Joyce is. At the reception, her worries drive her to a phone call. Brenda, the micro-manager is dead and Joyce is the main suspect. Katherine must act. A friend is in trouble and she leaves the reception and drives to Vermont. Lars follows her and they are soon involved not only in who killed Brenda but in discovering just what Brenda has added to what Herbal Haven sells.


The Quest For The White Jewel

(The Jewels of Earda Book 1)

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On the world of Earda, 
the Jewels rule all. 
Power flows from their 
depths, and the world 
responds to the will 
of their holders - and, 
the will of holder
of the Black Jewel, 
which rules them all. 
Yet, legend speaks of 
a time when there was 
no Black Jewel, and the 
lands were ruled in peace 
by the White Jewel. They are 
merely legends, now, the truth 
of it lost in the mists of 
time. Or are they? Liara 
and her foster-brother, 
Brader, intend to find out. 
"An incredible journey 
into a detailed and vibrant 
fantasy world!"
- Mike Pettigraf, 
Paper Tiger Reviews

Congratulations to

Janet Lane Walters

for being a finalist in the

Dream Realm Awards.

The Brotherhood of Mages

(The Jewels of Earda Book 2)

Janet Lane Walters

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The Brotherhood of Mages -- 
The Black Jewel has been 
destroyed and several
 of the Jewels of Earda 
need Holders. In their 
hidden refuge, the Brotherhood
      of Mages plot to destroy 
the newly-found peace. 
When Jindera's brother is
 kidnapped by the Mages, 
she vows to rescue him. 
She joins with Corin, 
a peddler and former thief 
who has his own issues 
with the Brotherhood. 
His way of dealing with 
them is avoidance. 
When Jindera is injured, 
Corin knows he must help 
her. They encounter the 
Holders of the Orange 
and Green Jewel. Jindera
bonds with the Red and 
this small group seeks 
the Brotherhood, hoping if
      the refuge is destroyed, 
evil will be defeated 
and peace restored to Earda.
      Can they rescue Jindera's 
brother before the confrontation?

The Secret of The Jewels (The Jewels of Earda 3)

Janet Lane Walters

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The Black Jewel has been

destroyed and the White Jewel

rules the others. The Brotherhood

of Mages are in flight and

many of the mages are dead.

Something troubles the Jewel Holders.

The words of an elderly Healer

send them on quests to find the

secret of the Jewels they hold.

Are the Jewels merely tools or

is there a hidden danger in their use?

The seven Holders must learn the truth.

Prescription for Love

Prescription For Love

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The position as patient care 
coordinator is single mother 
Ginny Barr's dream come true, 
allowing her to raise her 
daughter and young niece 
in the suburbs instead of 
the inner city. 
When the Chief of Orthopedics, 
and her greatest supporter, 
has a heart attack, his son, 
Blake Marshall joins the 
practice. Blake wants Ginny 
in his bed and pursues her. 
Though attracted to him, 
Ginny recalls his arrogance 
at a meeting several 
years earlier when he dismissed
      her judgment about a patient. 
Blake is faced with convincing 
Ginny of his love.

a medical romance that 
depicts hospitals and the
      people staffing them, who 
face crises with aplomb. 
Ginny is a sympathetic heroine 
and Blake is delicious. 
Ms. Walters knows young 
children and draws them 
with a true pen, adding 
fun to the courtship. 
I recommend anyone wanting 
a fun and engrossing 
story to pick up this book.~~
by Karen Larsen, 
Scribesworld 4 Thumbs Up

Reviewed by Kathy Boswell 
This contemporary medical 
romance had all the elements 
it takes to make a good book. 
There was conflict, 
misunderstanding and most 
especially love, lots of love. 
Ginny Barr had a hard life 
but she is bound and 
determined to climb out 
of the gutter and make 
something of herself, even 
when she found out she was 
pregnant by the man she 
loved whom she found out 
already had a wife and 
Then her brother Joey dropped 
his two month old bi-racial 
daughter off for just a 
couple of weeks that turned 
out to be two years and 
counting.  Now Ginny has a good 
job, has just moved not 
only her family but her best 
friend and her mother out 
of the city to a nice duplex. 
The only problem is she 
is having problems at work 
with a nurse who wants her 
job. Then Dr. Marshall's 
adopted son Blake shows up. 
He's everything she could 
want in a man but he only 
wants an affair. Ginny wants 
more for her and her girls. 
Blake misconstrues several 
things and doesn't know how 
to admit he's wrong but Ginny 
and her girls will straighten 
him out. Now if only they 
could make him admit that 
he loves them all and doesn't 
want to let them go. I 
thoroughly enjoyed this 
book and zipped through 
it in no time to a most 
satisfying ending. Kathy's 
Faves and Raves
Member, Reviewers International 
Organization (RIO)
Janet has once again captivated readers in this marvelously written romantic comedy, "Prescription For Love." Throw in one head-strong devoted mother looking for love and one gorgeous man who thinks he's a gift to all women and what do you get, a highly entertaining love story that will sweep your afternoon away. Once you start reading, "Prescription For Love," you won't be able to put it down. Enjoy! I know I did! Kim's Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona http://kimgaona.com/
Joey Barr left his infant daughter, Manda, with his sister for a month or two so her could come to terms with the death of "Pookie", the birth mother of Manda. Two years later, Manda was still with Ginny Barr. In that time, Ginny raised Manda with her own daughter, Honor. She supported herself and her two girls while slowly climbing the nursing ladder in the poorer hospitals. Then she got the position as Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) of the orthopedic unit at Hudson View General Hospital. The Chief of Orthopedics, Dr. Charles Marshall, had been like a father to Ginny. The only difference was in their skin color. She was ebony. Charles was ivory. Problems began when Charles's adopted son, Dr. Blake Marshall, came onto the Orthopedic Surgeon staff. Ginny had her hands full already! She had two girls to support, a missing - no good - brother, a nurse who wanted Ginny's job and purposely caused trouble (even at possible harm to the patients), staff upset at the new classes she set up (due to vicious false rumors of possible terminations), and a boss who wanted her gone - as of yesterday! The last thing she needed was handsome "Dr. B" trying to lure her into his bed! He may not remember when they had met once before, but she never would forget! His attitude almost harmed a patient! But Dr. B was confident he would change lovely Ginny's mind! He never dreamed her rejections would ultimately lead to his richest rewards! *** EXCELLENT AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING! Janet Lane Walters has written another winner. With each book she seems to get better and better. This latest hooked my interest immediately and never let go. Constant surprises appeared to keep me off balance. BRAVA! *** Reviewed by Détra Fitch

Whispers Out of Yesteryear

Whispers Out of Yesteryear

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During the French and 
Indian War, Willow Who Weeps' 
village is destroyed by 
a band of hostile braves 
led by Rene Du Barri. 
Joined by an English friend,
Jonathan Reed, Willow Who Weeps 
searches for the Frenchman. 
Vengeance will be hers for 
not only has he destroyed 
her home but he drove her 
sister to kill herself. 
Instead of slaying Du Barri, 
Willow Who Weeps is killed 
but she vows to follow Du Barri 
to the spirit world and beyond. 
Jonathan is left to raise their 
two children alone and settles 
near the place Willow Who Weeps 
died. Awakened by a cry, 
"Not the children,"  
Willow Carey is frightened 
by the return of a dream 
that began at Indian's Sorrow, 
a house she inherited from her 
aunt. This inheritance has 
caused a rift with her twin 
sister, Brooke.
 She learns about the death of 
her father and step-mother and 
though she doesn't want to go, 
leaves for Indian's Sorrow 
to take charge of her young 
half-sister and brother. 
The dreams began at Indian's 
Sorrow and Reid Talbot, the man
she loved now lives there with 
his family. She has never forgotten 
him. Reid, not a widower hasn't 
forgotten her. 
Slowly they learn to trust each 
other again. The dreams begin again 
and Reid also dreams. 
On the day of the funeral, 
Brooke and her fiance, Barry Dubois 
arrive. Willow takes an instant 
dislike to this ce-eyed man. 
He wants the land and is willing 
to do most anything to obtain the 
deed. Willow and Reid must learn 
what their dreams mean before the 
whispers from yesteryear destroy 
their new found happiness.

Janet Lane Walters once again 
picks at your imagination. 
She keeps you on your toes 
as she leaps from past to present 
in the most intriguing way 
imaginable. Whispers Out Of 
Yesteryear will keep you turning the pages.
~4 stars~Tabitha Tasker~All About Murder
Janet Lane Walters has an 
impressive, versatile talent...for 
an absorbing tale of enduring 
love, I highly recommend 
~~Jane Bowers, reviewer/editor
~Romance Reviews
Ms Walters has written a tale 
of love that has lasted through
the ages, and beyond. 
One that will have you on the 
edge of your seat, asking for more. 
is a masterpiece you will not want to
miss. I can only hope for more 
of these wonderful stories from a very talented,
      and versatile, author in the future.
is definitely a must read. 
~~Sue Hartigan

The Funeral

Janet Lane Walters

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Ira Griggans was the

meanest man in town.

Or so everyone said.

But, a lone minister new

to the town now has

to deliver his eulogy -

and he discovers that writing

a eulogy for the meanest man

in town is not as simple

as it might seem.


Maude, There's a Body on the Lawn

Janet Lane Walters

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Some surprises are funny. Some aren't.

The Christmas Star

Janet Lane Walters

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In trying to impress her mother  

and sister with a perfect  

Christmas dinner and the perfect

house, Ruth has lost the meaning

of Christmas.

Her frantic preparations leave

her little time for the real

meaning of the holidal until

a bright star points the way.


Just A Smile
Janet Lane Walters
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Mildred is a nurse, working 
in the hospital where 
Mister Brent lies dying. 
Mildred loathes death, 
and is deeply repulsed by 
the dying man. Little does 
she know that he will 
teach her a lesson about 
life, death, and 

An exclusive interview with Janet Lane Walters

Where do you live?

Nyack, NY 10960

Where can fans write to you?


What inspired you to write your books?

I've always been a reader and writing my own stories seemed natural. PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE was written for my youngest daughter who is an adopted bi-racial child. WHISPERS OUT OF YESTERYEAR was partially based on a strange experience that happened during a day trip with my dad and my children.

What's your day as a writer like?

I'm one of those fortunate people who has all day to write, yet I don't spend eight hours at the computer. I do all my rough drafts on the computer and then the follow up drafts in pen and ink. Since I belong to two critique groups that meet every two weeks, there's time out for these. I try to write at least ten pages a day and sometimes do much more.

Tell us about your family.

I'm married to a psychiatrist who keeps me grounded when I flip into the worlds I create. I've four grown children, two sons and two daughters. They're scattered from New York to Florida. There are four grandchildren who are my special loves. Alas they live in Florida so I don't see them as often as I'd like.

Do you have any pets?

No pets now. I had a Maine Coon cat named Robespierre that my boys found in the wire rim of my car one morning and brought to me. He became my familiar and spent the first few weeks with us on my shoulder with his nose in my hair.

What are your hobbies?

Housework is my hobby since that's what one does in their spare time. I also love to read. I've also done and still do horoscopes for friends.

What do you enjoy doing for leisure?

Going out to dinner is always a plus. I watch a bit of TV and love to visit with friends.

Who's your favorite author?

I can't pick one as a favorite.

What's your favorite book?

Probably Anna Karenina since I read it for a book report in third grade and was nearly suspended from school for attempting to change the ending.

What kind of music do you enjoy?


What is your favorite place?

The village where I live since it's an eclectic place with hordes of antique shops and other neat places.

What place, that you haven't already visited, would you like to visit?



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