Loving Frig Magnets!

Materials Needed: 2"x2" chalkboard (available at most craft stores or departments.) Buttons. White paint pen. Glue (either craft glue or hot glue gun.) Self-sticking magnet strip.


1. With the paint pen, write whatever you wish to say on the slate of the chalkboard. Allow to dry.

2. Glue buttons to the wood frame as you wish. Allow to dry if you are using craft glue.

3. Attach magnet strip to back.

Coat Hanger Christmas Tree

Materials Needed: Six wire coat hangers. Plastic wire ties. Strapping tape. Green tinsel garland (fire safe.) Mini-Christmas bows (fire safe.) 50-lite mini Christmas light string.

1. Take two hangers. Position as shown at left. Tape together. Repeat until you have three sets.

2. Insert one hanger set into another. Repeat with the third. You should end up with a self-standing cone.

3. Attach light string to hanger base using wire ties.

4. Beginning at the top, attach garland and wrap around tree. Secure end to the bottom.

5. Attach bows to frame.

6. Pull lights through the garland.

7. Plug light string into an electric socket.


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