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Who's bugging who?

Diane Foerman's feet were firmly planted in her home state, Minnesota, but that didn't stop the travel guide from dreaming of visiting far off places. And it seemed her dreams were finally within her grasp until...

Jeff Banning, computer programming genius on hiatus from his family's company, comes along and snatches the promotion Diane hoped was hers. Now, it's Jeff who's planning a trip to sunny, tropical Puerto Vallarta for a group from his father's company and Diane who's stuck in the office typing brochures and labels.

Thwarted in her personal ambitions, Diane finds herself confused when instead of loathing the man who destroyed her hopes, she finds herself falling hopelessly in love with him. Worse yet, she realizes that Jeff is keeping the truth about something from her. Is it his ex-secretary Arlene or something darker?

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From Kim Gaona - Kim's Reviews:

Romance, mystery and suspense are all wrapped up in Traveling Bug, by Edna Curry. Diane Foerman finds herself falling desperately in love with her nemesis, Jeff Banning. Traveling to Puerto Vallarta with Jeff Banning's company, as tour guide, Diane gets caught in a piracy scam.

Does she trust the man she's come to love even though he appears guilty of the crime or does she put her doubts aside and believe in him? If you love mystery and romance this is one book you'll keep for future readings, over and over and over.


From Chris Bellar - Romance Reviews:

Traveling Bug is a reader's dream come true. Full of romance, intrigue, mystery and suspense, you'll find yourself unable to put down Diane and Jeff's story as you travel with them to beautiful Puerto Vallarta where Diane is a tour guide for Jeff's family business and at the same time gets caught up in a web of mystery about what Jeff is really all about. She's already fallen in love with him but can she trust him?


From Publisher's Weekly Full Text COPYRIGHT 2000 Cahners Publishing Company:

"The title is a play on words, referring both to travel agents who love traveling and a computer bug that wreaks havoc as it travels...the charm of this brief e-novel...The story's high point is the travel agency's trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, during which Jeff and Diane's relationship begins to take on a new cast."


From: (Sandy Cummins:

With mystery, intrigue, exotic locales, and well-written characters - this book insists on your full attention. This is a great piece of work.


From Word Wrap: A book review by Cindy Penn:

A light hearted tropical romp in the sun, TRAVELING BUG definitely warms the imagination with its tropical delights. Lovers of light romance will find this traveling adventure quite enjoyable.



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