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 Mistletoe Marriages

Four heart-warming love stories to delight and enhance that holiday feeling.

Countdown to Leta Nolan Childers

In "Countdown to Christmas," Leta Nolan Childers creates the story of Dee Saunders, an out-of-luck executive forced by lay-offs to accept any job she can find--even if it means working as a reluctant Mrs. S. Claus--and that mysterious man of merriment--Santa Claus, who certainly hadn't planned on hoping to find Dee in his Christmas stocking.

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The Christmas Rickey R. Mallory

Lorilla traveled the dangerous Santa Fe Trail on faith, to marry a stranger who wanted nothing from her but an heir. Gabriel had sworn to protect his heart at any cost, until he met a young woman who upset all his careful plans. In an untamed land, a broken-hearted man and a lonely, innocent young woman discover that the greatest treasure of all is love.

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Tarnished Jane Toombs

In Regency England, three couples are suffering a dismal Christmas. Thanks to the manipulations and maneuvers of others, none of the love-struck six are able to realize their dreams of wedded bliss with the ones to whom they are devoted. Yet, Christmas is a time of miracles...and with the intervention of a wooden, carved angel--which has definitely seen better days--perhaps the reunion and the redemption of those who come under its spell will find true happiness at last.

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Silver Bells, Wedding Karen Wiesner

Rudy Tadeus is getting married--to the wrong woman! Jayme Conrad, a reporter for an expose magazine, is impossibly clumsy and about to learn the benefits of thinking with the heart instead of with the head. Jayme stumbles to her best friend's rescue, determined to win back the only man she's ever loved.

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Four of your favorite authors have come together to bring you joy and cheer this Christmas Season. Leta Nolan Childers, shares laughter and ecstasy in Countdown To Christmas as Dee Saunders tries to tame the panther in Trevor DeWitt. Ricky R. Mallory, recants a Christmas Treasure that will live through all eternity. Jane Toombs, takes us to a mystical time where three couple's dearest Christmas wishes come true in Tarnished Angel. Karen Wiesner, in Silver Bells, Wedding Bells shows us it's never too late to hitch your wagon to the right star. Enjoy these four enchanting stories and partake in the true gift of love. Kim's Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona


Four romance short stories to put you in the Christmas mood! They are reviewed in the order in which they appear in the book.

COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS by Leta Nolan Childers! This one is a modern contemporary romance. It starts the book off perfectly! I laughed out loud often!

THE CHRISTMAS TREASURE by Rickey Mallory! This is set in the year 1851. It is about a mail order bride and has a Spanish flavor to it!

TARNISHED ANGEL by Jane Toombs! Talk about stunning plots, this one sure shows that miracles can still happen, especially during this magical season!

SILVER BELLS, WEDDING BELLS by Karen Wiesner! A funny and romantic story with a heroine who is accident-prone! I thoroughly enjoyed it! ~~HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)


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