Welcome to Cat Tales: The Christmas Game.

Based on the characters created by Leta Nolan Childers in Cat Tales: A Christmas Story.

Pre-printing and some assembly required.


Download the following two jpg files: Gameboard and Game Pieces. Unzip the files and open them in most any paint program. (Windows Paint can be used to open the files.) Using two sheets of paper (cardstock is suggested,) print the gameboard using the landscape setting on your printer. Print the game pieces using the portrait setting on your printer.

Cut out the cat figure, the bottoms and the cards.

Snip the lines at the bottom of the cat figures and at the tops of the bottoms. Slide bottoms onto the bottom of each cat figure to form a cross so the piece remains standing.

How to play:

1. Shuffle the cards and place them face down next to the game board.

2. The youngest player begins, following in order clockwise.

3. Pick a card from the pile, advance the number of spaces indicated on the card. Warning though...some cards move a player forward while others move them back!

Warning: If you land on a tile that has an icicle coming down from it, you must slide to the bottom of the icicle.

Bonus: If you land on a tile that has a candy cane extending up from it, you may slide to the top of the candy cane.

4. No two pieces may occupy the same space. If a player would land on a space already taken, advance to the next tile. If more than one player lands on either the icicle or the candy cane, the second player moves one tile ahead.

5. The winner is the first cat who reaches Angel Fair at the top of the tree.

HINT: To extend the life of your game, cover with clear Con-Tact (TM) paper.

Additional hint: For extra cards, so that you don't have to reshuffle during a game, simply print two of the game piece sheets. You can also, using Con-Tact, make double sided playing pieces this way.

This game, for storage, fits nicely into a gallon-sized Hefty zipped bag.

Christmas game image   Christmas game pieces image

(Figures shown above are reduced in size from the printed version.)

Baby  Buddy   Bug

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